What Is the Right Temperature to Grill Pork Chops

During spring season, you may be
tempted to fire up the grill. A grilled pork chop is an ideal classic dish to
enjoy a nice cooking time with friends or family. But grilling a pork chop
requires a master of the art. If you overcook, it gets dry and if undercooked,
it is unhealthy to eat. An overcooked pork chop can turn out to be the most
leathery piece of meat you ever tried to eat.

Pork chops are not that difficult
to cook if some precautions are taken. To overcome your problem, a perfect
timing and good quality thermometer are required. The trick for a perfectly
grilled and juicy pork chop is what temp to grill the pork chop and we will
share these thermal secrets with you.

Safe Grilling Temperature

Prior to May 2011, 165�F was
recommended as the safe temperature for cooking pork chop by the USDA. It is
found that at this temperature the pork chop turns safe to eat but also dry and
hard at the same time.

Watching the heat

For your health safety, the pork
chop should be cooked up to a temperature of 145�F before taking it off. Higher
temperature range makes the chop to get dry quickly. Also, caution should be taken while using the
thermometer. It should not be inserted to such an extent that it comes in
contact with the pan instead of meat. It is recommended to use it at an angle
of 45�

Ideal Grilling Temperature

Another important factor is the
temperature of the grill. The right grill temperature can add some extra
flavour and star to your pork chop. The ideal grill temperature for the crispy,
juicy and perfectly cooked pork is 450�F to 500�F.

We also experimented with
different pulling temperature. This was done because certain amount of heat is
also trapped in the pork chop which gets distributed even after pulling it off
the heat. We saw an 11�F to – 13�F rise in temperature with the constant thickness
increase of about 0.25 inches.