Selecting the right teppanyaki grill for healthy cooking

Most people are interested in eating healthy food with less oil, and grilling food is one of most popular methods of healthy oil free cooking. Most people searching for a grill for their home online and offline will ask the question what is a teppanyaki grill , as the teppanyaki grill is often listed among the wide range of grills available online and in retail stores. The word teppanyaki is a Japanese word, which combines the words teppan, meaning plate of iron, and yaki which denotes seared on a pan or grilled. Thus, a teppanyaki grill is a flat iron grill with a solid surface, and may be described using other words like flat top surface grill.

Advantages of using a teppanyaki grill

Most of the conventional barbeque grills have a number of grate openings, which make it unsuitable for grilling small food items like fish, chopped vegetable , cooking eggs as these food items may fall through the openings into the fire and get burned. So unlike the conventional grills, the teppanyaki grill has a continuous solid flat surface, allowing the user to heat and grill the food item, without losing any of the food. The food item also in direct contact with a larger area of the heated grill surface, allowing the juices inside the food to be properly heated and cooked, enhancing the flavor and taste of the food item, especially when sauces and other liquids are added.

Selecting the right teppanyaki grill

There are many models of teppanyaki grills available in the market, depending on the price and features required.A buyer may choose a stainless steel teppanyaki grill which is easier to clean and maintain after cooking, or a cast iron grill, which distributes the heat generated by the burner uniformly on the surface, cooking the food better. Outdoor teppanyaki grill models may use portable fuels like natural gas and liquid propane, while models designed for internal use will use electricity which is more convenient. The burner system for the grill is usually safely enclosed, so that strong winds do not affect the operation of the grill outdoors.

A brief guide on how to grill chicken

Grilled chicken is a tasty food that is also easy to prepare. However, in order to get the best results you have to follow some rules. Here are several tips that aim to help you prepare delicious grilled chicken:

1. Store chicken correctly.

In order to separate it from other groceries, the package of raw chicken should be placed in a plastic bag. You should refrigerate it immediately after taking it straight home from the store). In order to not have juices drip onto other foods you have to set on a plate wrapped raw chicken at the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

2. Don’t thaw chicken on the counter.

You should always thaw chicken in the microwave or in the refrigerator instead of leaving it out at room temperature. Never partially grill the chicken and cook the meat immediately in order to destroy harmful bacteria.

3. Marinate the right way.

You should always marinate the chicken in the refrigerator.

4. Grease your grill.

Grease your grill in order to avoid sticking problems if your chicken is marinated with oil or has skin.

5. Keep it hot.

Use a hot grill to sear the chicken in order seal in the juices.

6. Watch seasonings carefully.

Marinades with high sugar content may burn if exposed to heat for too long or if the grill temperature is too hot.

7. Close the top.

You should always grill your chicken with the grill’s cover down in order to cook it more evenly.

8. Use the right tools.

Use a wide metal spatula or long-handled tongs to move the chicken.

9. Grill at the right temperature.

You also need to know at what temp to grill chicken in order to not risk serving it under cooked. Use a meat thermometer in order to check if the meat is cooked at the right internal temperature. This should be 170� F for and 180� F for a whole chicken.